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How Often Should I Review My Life Insurance Policy?
    Life insurance needs change over time. Here are some quick tips on when you should review your life insurance policy. You should review your insurance needs at least once a year. If you have a major life change, you should contact your insurance agent or company representative as soon as possible. The change in your life may have a significant impact on your insurance needs. Life changes may include:

1.) Marriage, divorce or retirement
2.) Birth or adoption of a child or grandchild
3.) Taking on significant new debt
4.) Taking on the financial responsibility of an aging parent
4.) Purchasing a new home
4.) Purchasing or investing in a business
4.) A loved one who requires long-term care
4.) Receiving an inheritance

What is the Financial strength of a Life Insurance Company?
    Many people choose their insurance company simply based on the competitiveness of their life insurance quotes. While price is undeniably important, there is a host of other factors to weigh when making this vital decision. Financial Solidity is probably the most crucial factor in selecting a life insurance company. No matter how good a company's products, you need to be assured that your provider is financially secure enough to pay your claim(s). There is no guarantee for life insurance policyholders similar to that provided for bank accounts by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), so select a company that is likely to be financially sound for many years, by using ratings from independent rating agencies. Read more in our learning center about assesing the Financial Strength of a life insurance company.

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?
    Some experts recommend buying term life insurance or whole life insurance equal to 20 times your salary before taxes. If the benefit is invested in bonds that pay five percent interest, it would produce an amount equal to your salary at death, so the survivors could live off the interest and would not have to invade the principal.

    The multiple of salary approach also ignores other sources of income, such as Social Security survivors' benefits. These benefits can be substantial. For example, for a person who had been earning a $36,000 salary at death ($3000 a month), maximum Social Security survivors' monthly income benefits for a spouse and two children under age 18 could be about $2,300 per month, and this amount would increase each year to match inflation.

    The amount of life insurance you need varies according to many factors. Talk to one of our licensed life insurance agents foe an in depth personal life insurance analysis.

How Long Can I Get a Full Refund of a Life Insurance Policy?
    You have at least 10 days to review your life insurance policy. If you're not satisfied let us know and we'll send you a full refund.

What Companies Do We Represent? offers an excellent selection of life insurance policies from many highly-rated insurance companies.

Do You Offer Term Life Insurance for Smokers? works with many top-rated life insurance companies to offer term life insurance for smokers.

How Do I Best Prepare for a Life Insurance Medical Exam?
    The agents of TermLifeInsurance-USA will explain how to get the best results for your life insurance medical exam and help you determine if a medically underwritten life insurance is less expensive for you.

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